By submitting to the procedure it is understood that you accept our terms and conditions.


  • The full cost of the procedure must be paid in full, without exceptions, prior to the start of the first session.
    It is strictly forbidden to bring minors, children, preschoolers and/or infants.
  • Once the date of the procedure has been assigned, it cannot be modified one day before.
  • The absence of the client at the agreed date will not imply in any way to reschedule again, as it generates operating expenses.
  • The promotions/discounts applied at the time of booking cannot be maintained in case of rescheduling, and the full amount of the training must be paid.
  • It is forbidden to make video recordings, as well as photographs of third parties within the facilities.
  • The client attests that the information provided is true, exempting Scalp Real Studio from liability for any eventuality that may arise from the falsity of the information provided by the client.
  • The duration of the procedure is variable, in case the client does not cover the entire time, it can not be completed the next day.
    In case of loss or force majeure a resolution will be agreed between the parties.
  • Under no circumstances may persons under the influence of substances that alter their judgment, such as drugs, narcotics, alcohol, hypnotics, psychotropic drugs, etc., enter the premises.
  • At all times the customer agrees to provide a cordial and respectful treatment to the staff and people who are within the establishment, in case of breach of this point will proceed against him in accordance with the provisions of applicable law.
  • In case of a scuffle and/or causing damage/injury(ies) to the facilities, furniture, integrity of the personnel, public force will be used and will be proceeded against, according to the applicable law.
  • All personal data will be kept confidential, as stipulated in our privacy notice.